General Information

General Information
The following section summarises the principal risks and uncertainties that impact both the Group and the market in which we operate. The Board is responsible for assessing the principal risks and these are monitored on a monthly basis.

Against each of the principal risks’ consideration is given to the Group’s exposure and the extent to which the risk can be mitigated. There have been no material changes in the principal risks to the Group during the year. However, the increasing number and sophistication of cyber-attacks on businesses have, in the opinion of the Board, increased the likelihood and impact of Cyber and GDPR issues for the financial services sector.

The Board considers risk within four categories: Conduct, Credit, Market and Operational. The Group’s overall risk management programme seeks to minimise potential adverse effects on the Group’s financial performance and its reputation arising from
these risk areas.

The Key financial and non-financial risks identified by the Board and the measures taken to mitigate their impact are:

Annual Report

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